Rock Band / Guitar Hero

With the official shuttering of Guitar Hero by Activision last week, and the fire sale of Harmonix to private investors the week before, the rhythm game genre seems to have run smack into a wall. (Sarcasm alert) Who would have thought repeatedly dumping increasingly inferior product onto the market at a blinding pace would quickly exhaust the world’s appetite for rhythm games? I’m looking at you, Guitar Hero… uh… 6?!?! What hilarious greed, Activision.

So now Guitar Hero and its vastly superior cousin, Rock Band, have gone the way of the pet rock. (Full disclosure: I totally had one when I was a kid.)

But I can’t complain. I will always be grateful for GH/RB, as the games brought Anarchy Club into the homes of millions of players. When we’re all grandparents, we’ll fondly reminisce about the old-time rhythm game fad… as our grandchildren insert their holographic game controllers into the slots in their foreheads…