Buried treasure

Long story, but a friend of Kasson’s discovered some ancient studio tapes from Splashdown’s first album and was able to painstakingly recover them in a format ideal for remixing. These 20-year-old tapes were lost to the mists of time… until now. Remix them if you want to.  Go crazy!


Splashdown multitrack audio stems for “Beguiled” & “Pandora” are available for download.

.:. These are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This means that you can create your own derivative works for the 2 songs, and share those works, but not sell or use commercially. If you release/publish your derivative version of either of these 2 songs on the internet, please make sure to credit Splashdown as the copyright owner, and that the songwriters are A.Buhler, K.Crooker, and M.Kaplan.

Please do not redistribute these source stems/audio files; point interested parties to the link above. Please do not edit down and share samples/segments of the source audio stems. These audio files are released so that you can create remix/alternate versions of “Pandora” and “Beguiled” for non-monetary use.

All songs copyright Splashdown 2015, All rights reserved for the original versions/recordings/mixes.