Keepin’ it surreal

So now I’m in South Korea, where the big news story is that their local equivalent of Eminem just pulled out a bunch of his teeth in an attempt to avoid mandatory military service. This drew the wrath of the populace, prompting him to give a tearful press conference in which he apologized and said he’d join the army after all.

Trying to picture 50 Cent or Nas in similar circumstances. I think the essence of “thug life” is getting lost in translation here…


A month ago, I made arrangements to return to Tokyo in April. It’s my favorite city, and over a year since my last visit. And then… the earth kicked, and turned Japan upside-down.

If the same had happened here in the states, we’d have gone straight from shrilly freaking out through to full-on “Lord of the Flies” mode within hours. The dignity and selflessness of the Japanese in this crisis has been a humbling thing to behold.

I’ve been debating whether to go ever since. But as of tonight, I’ve made up my mind. Time to go see my friends, however messed up things may be.

Besides, I need a fix of that Harajuku gothabilly!