A month ago, I made arrangements to return to Tokyo in April. It’s my favorite city, and over a year since my last visit. And then… the earth kicked, and turned Japan upside-down.

If the same had happened here in the states, we’d have gone straight from shrilly freaking out through to full-on “Lord of the Flies” mode within hours. The dignity and selflessness of the Japanese in this crisis has been a humbling thing to behold.

I’ve been debating whether to go ever since. But as of tonight, I’ve made up my mind. Time to go see my friends, however messed up things may be.

Besides, I need a fix of that Harajuku gothabilly!

3 thoughts on “Japan

  1. How’d ya find it? I go to Tokyo area on a regular basis, and was really surprised at how quickly everyone was back in action afterwards. Granted, it’s still pretty fracked around Fukushima (or so I hear), and Kanto got the least effects, but still…

    They actually dimmed some of the displays in town, though, power savings and all, which was a bit of a relief…

    • The dimmed displays in Shibuya were totally post-apocalyptic and startling. Everything was dark, making the endless tubing of the neon lights look like strangling vines.

      I kept imagining that scene at the beginning of 28 Days Later, when Cillian Murphy is staggering around in lifeless London.

      • I hear ya. Something in the air, even a couple months later when I went for that cycle, was certainly different. That disaster movie feeling…

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