Before there was Splashdown

There was sirensong. Had some inquiries recently about these recordings, so 25+ years later, here they are. Michelle Poppleton sang, I played guitar, Paul Zutrau played bass, Kasson played keys, and Jim Maguire played drums. Lovely cover art by Stoltze Design.

Some thoughts after hearing it with different ears today:

– Somehow, it’s both overproduced and underproduced at the same time. So that’s a kind of achievement!

– I mainly recall fussing over every note and driving everybody crazy.

– Splashdown listeners will find a number of what I’ll call “Easter eggs”.

– As soon as I heard Portishead’s “Dummy,” I knew I had to start over. Hence, Splashdown.

2 thoughts on “Before there was Splashdown

  1. I am speechless, for years I’ve searched for the original Sirensong EP, I am extremely grateful for this amazing gift, Mr. von Buhler!

    Poppleton’s vocals were heavenly, “Litany” is probably one of the best songs in the dream pop/ethereal wave genre I’ve ever listened to. What an inspired project Sirensong was, and I can definitely see the bridge between this project and Splashdown, another band I love.

    These three songs are something else! Absolutely emotional melodies, specially Mad Water.

    Mr. von Buhler, I hope it doesn’t come across as impertinent, but would you perhaps consider uploading the “Anon – Soon – Nigh” trilogy to the internet? Maybe Bandcamp. Those albums are a treasure trove of some of the most precious pieces of 1990s alternative-goth-dream pop-industrial scenes.

    Once again, thanks a lot!

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