Buried treasure

Long story, but a friend of Kasson’s discovered some ancient studio tapes from Splashdown’s first album and was able to painstakingly recover them in a format ideal for remixing. These 20-year-old tapes were lost to the mists of time… until now. Remix them if you want to.  Go crazy!


Splashdown multitrack audio stems for “Beguiled” & “Pandora” are available for download.

.:. These are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This means that you can create your own derivative works for the 2 songs, and share those works, but not sell or use commercially. If you release/publish your derivative version of either of these 2 songs on the internet, please make sure to credit Splashdown as the copyright owner, and that the songwriters are A.Buhler, K.Crooker, and M.Kaplan.

Please do not redistribute these source stems/audio files; point interested parties to the link above. Please do not edit down and share samples/segments of the source audio stems. These audio files are released so that you can create remix/alternate versions of “Pandora” and “Beguiled” for non-monetary use.

All songs copyright Splashdown 2015, All rights reserved for the original versions/recordings/mixes.


15 thoughts on “Buried treasure

    • Regarding that post, there were indeed versions of Nomadic and All Or Nothing completed, but not everyone in the trio wanted to release them, so I’m honoring that. There were strong feelings involved, that’s all I can say. There is an instrumental version of Nomadic downloadable somewhere in this site. It’s a demo, but gives a strong idea of what the backing music ultimately would have been.

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