Blueshift / Possibilities Downloads

I noticed recently that the options for finding this online had dropped down to a single site with lousy 128 kbps audio quality. High quality versions available here. I thought about lopping off the questionable Sugar High remixes that the band never asked for (although we loved the Doc one), but for the sake of completion, I’ll leave them on.

Note that Stars & Garters and Halfworld aren’t included — those are still for sale online, and we do receive royalties from them.



10 thoughts on “Blueshift / Possibilities Downloads

  1. I just discovered Splashdown and am so glad you made these available. I was having a lot of trouble finding a good sounding copy of Blueshift.
    I hope Splashown gets back together. You were great!

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  3. Oh hey just noticed this. Thanks! Back in mid 2001 I ordered a few copies of Redshift from the band web site and someone so kindly threw in a CD-R of Blueshift. Man, THANKS for that — it blew my f***ing mind and has continued to be a top 10 album for me ever since.

    • Oh and yeah, sorry my VBR rips (from that CD-R just mentioned) that I used to have on kiosk-of-love fell off the internet. I remember putting quite a fair bit of research into getting the quality as good as I could!

      Seems like maybe the zip posted here went away?

  4. Adam, I’m the person who did that Asia at Odd Hour remix when you guys dropped Possibilities. I am… a much better music prodicer now. I’d love to, if you somehow have them, get the original stems to actually do a full remix now 🙂 Thank you so much for throwing these up, I had a hard drive crash a while ago and lost all of Possibilities. I managed to get a lot of the live recordings I had of you guys off… but at low quality.

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