Lucky #13

My first-ever band, We The Living, just showed up on this list. It was so long ago, it’s like looking at a stranger’s history. Can’t go wrong with a band photograph taken in a graveyard.

Miami’s 20 Best Punk Bands of All Time

Splashdown trivia bonus round: Years later, I re-used the music from We The Living’s “Fudge Ripple” to make “A Charming Spell”.

UPDATE: May 30, 2020. Just got sent a link, turns out that John Peel had played one of our (excruciating) singles on his show. So that’s pretty weird.

We The Living

What I’ve been up to — part 2

Here’s an announcement from Kasson, featuring a little collaboration he and I did recently.  We updated an old Splashdown demo, prettied it up, got Russell F to play violin, and there you go.  I think it’s a lovely bit of cinematic soundtrack atmosphere.  Vinyl only, just to be totally hipster.


Hey Splashdown fans, Kasson here from Symbion Project. I wanted to let you all know about a special song that you might be interested in. I’m releasing a 10th anniversary vinyl of my 2003 album “Immortal Game” and I’ve included a bonus song called “Lives of Quiet Desperation” which started off as a Splashdown demo back in the early 2000’s. I dusted it off and Adam von Buhler and I turned it into a really fantastic song. We got the amazing violinist Russell Farhang to play on it as well. You can get this song along with the vinyl release here:

there are only going to be 250 of these total, on 180gram double vinyl, hand numbered and autographed. get yours before they’re gone!