Stranger than fiction

Today, I met a guy who explained some fairly technical stuff to me for about an hour. I sat across the desk from him as we conversed intensely, and there were sheets of paper between us, on which he drew charts, made lists, wrote phrases, did math, and annotated his speaking. As he talked, his pen was moving constantly, at rapid speed.

UPSIDE DOWN. He was writing it all upside down and reversed, in real time, so that I could read it from the other side of the desk.

I barely even remember what we talked about.

My review of Prometheus

For me, Prometheus will always be that movie in which two gibbering idiots (somehow invited along on a trillion-dollar expedition), who only minutes before had established that they were pulse-poundingly terrified at the thought of encountering any hint of alien life, meet up with some space cobras and then TRY TO PLAY WITH THEM. The end.

UPDATE 6/25/12:

Ok, here we go: