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Mysteries of the universe

So… the project to dust off some archives is not going to happen after all. It’ll be a mystery forever unsolved.

I can only say that there are strong artistic disagreements involved. Things that seemed obvious to me were not, it appears, universal truths.

Sorry to have raised your hopes, those who’ve been following along.

I’ll close this chapter with a little bit of salvaged jetsam:
Nomadic (Instrumental) MP3
Nomadic (Instrumental) WAV

Image by Su Young Kim

Mayan Pilot featuring Pacman

WTF, fancy Nikon camera? I did a bunch of takes, and they were all blurry and unusable. Anyhow, this excerpt features a cameo by Pacman the studio kitty. Any flubs you hear are from him brushing the strings. Yeah, that must be what happened…

p.s. Yes, I will try this again, with the whole song, and actually focus the camera next time.