6 thoughts on “Radio Silence

    • Well, it’s not slow because of a lack of desire! It’s just that busy life stuff has pushed the music out of the way for the time being. I haven’t been able to get to my music world as much as I’d like.

      When I am able to prioritize it again, I am open to experimenting with others, depending on other commitments. What did you have in mind?

  1. haha!! I kind of guessed it…
    as I said-I was pushing my luck…I have been almost exclusively singing Radiohead for last 8 months (their electro inspired stuff).
    How about something slightly dark, and layered?
    Massive attack meets Splashdown meets Kid A? (That’s the best I could explain).

    • Sorry to have disappeared — it really has been a crazy couple of weeks over here. Ok, where were we…

      Something that would be really interesting to me would be having lyrics sung in one of the languages of India. Would you be into that?

  2. Oh that can be done!!!
    What do you have in mind? Some particular artiste you liked?
    My Hindi is really good…but I have written in English, so this can be fun…
    Do hit me with what you think is a possibility…esp. in terms of sounds that you are looking to explore!

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