Mysteries of the universe

So… the project to dust off some archives is not going to happen after all. It’ll be a mystery forever unsolved.

I can only say that there are strong artistic disagreements involved. Things that seemed obvious to me were not, it appears, universal truths.

Sorry to have raised your hopes, those who’ve been following along.

I’ll close this chapter with a little bit of salvaged jetsam:
Nomadic (Instrumental) MP3
Nomadic (Instrumental) WAV

Image by Su Young Kim

7 thoughts on “Mysteries of the universe

  1. It would’ve been nice to have more Splashdown. It sounded like the project was going so well too. I did like the instrumental version of Nomadic. It’s one of the few Splashdown songs that I haven’t heard yet.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. How about the demos you were originally going to polish – are they not an option either?
        Anyway, that’s an amazing version of Nomadic! It seems the “craptaculous live recording” had given me a much different impression of the song.

      • Yeah, not an option — there will never be another piece of music under the Splashdown name. Maybe someday I’ll take the old stuff (my parts, at least), re-work it, and use it in some future, unrelated project.

        I wish you could’ve heard the full Nomadic! As I said, the universe is a baffling place.

  2. Well, I’m obviously disappointed, for all of the reasons that need no explanation. But I’m so grateful for the music you and this band have given me, and the ways it changed my life, that I can’t be too upset about not getting anything that I had no idea might have existed in the first place. Of course, as I have for over a decade now, I’ll still always wonder what could have been.

  3. i had great hopes! but Splashdown’s music (with or without new reworked ones) is too good anyway!
    thanks a lot for the recording Adam! it sounds lovely!
    always a screaming fan !
    aakash (India)
    ps: i do hope to meet you guys in person someday!

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