About that thing…

Some news regarding the, uh, little “one-off project” I’ve been discussing with some of you. I presented it to the other peeps, and there’s good news and bad news. The bad news: it will be delayed a bit. The good news: it’s because we will be modernizing and re-recording and updating. It’s changing from a snapshot of an earlier era into a more complete artifact. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “About that thing…

  1. i know its far fetched, but any chances of the trio landing up in India? i will travel Halfworld to see you people play,but still,India??

    • What a dream that would be. I wish I could bring that experience into your life. But… the trio won’t be appearing together in the US, let alone India. I’d do it, but K & M have long since moved on, and M no longer performs live in general.

      After more than a decade, it probably wouldn’t be the same animal anymore anyhow.

      But… do stay tuned, because there *IS* still a little bit of life left in the body! Something is coming. It will be an appropriate little coda…

      • we will wait adam! will be more than delighted to hear whatever you have to offer. almost a personal crusade to make you and K&M popular in my surroundings!
        biggest Splashdown fan ever!

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