Even after all these years.

Had a vivid nightmare this morning just before I woke up. In the dream, Capitol Records had used Splashdown’s own money to commission generic, middle-of-the-road, milquetoast remixes of our songs, because they were afraid our real sound was too weird for radio. (That really happened, by the way.) I was shouting at everyone, asking why the hell they signed us in the first place, and yelling that I was going to burn the Capitol Records tower down.

And that was the phrase clanging in my head as I woke up: “I’M GONNA BURN THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!”

Whew… I need to chill.

12 thoughts on “Even after all these years.

    • Kasson has a couple of new bands, if you follow his Facebook page you can get the skinny. And Melissa continues to do a lot of professional vocal work; you’ve probably heard her sing in a lot of movie soundtracks without knowing it’s her.

  1. Chiming in to say that nightmare sounds absolutely excruciating, and I hope you at least got to actually burn the place down at the end of it! Talk about catharsis.

    By the way, I don’t want to be a pest, but I was looking at some of your older posts and I saw talk of some old recordings of unreleased Splashdown songs. Just wanted to throw this out there: If you were to throw one or two of those things on Soundcloud or something, even if they had the sound quality of that live Nomadic bootleg floating around, I would absolutely lose it completely. I’m talking about aliens-making-first-contact-with-humans levels of excitement here. Not to be a demanding fan or anything!

    Love the Map & Key album by the way! Thanks for existing.

    • Nah, never got to burn the place down — they waited until we were on a break and back in Boston before they tossed us overboard — by phone, of course. Classy.

      As for the unreleased Splashdown stuff — ok, you guys win! The perfectionist in me will scream bloody murder, but I will pretty these up as best I can and put them out in the next couple of months. (Assuming K & M are down.) (As I’ve mentioned in an earlier comment somewhere on the blog, I think the polish and obsessive attention to detail were a big part of the Splashdown sound, and possibly the intensity of that obsession is part of why the band couldn’t go on.)

      It’ll be a nice little side project to work on.

      Now as for that Nomadic bootleg — arrrrrghhhhh.

      Anyhow, thanks for the kind words. It’s indescribable to know that the music has such a strong effect.

      • Oh man, that is just about the best news I’ve heard all year! Splashdown’s music really means a lot to me, and the prospect of hearing more of it is just amazing. I had a radio show in Rochester, NY for four years which I played a ton of Splashdown on, and I worked a stint at a coffee shop there where I played Splashdown on the PA a good amount too. So rest assured there are people out there who love this stuff and are trying to get the word out!

        Splashdown’s music is definitely incredibly detailed and well-polished, but I’ve personally really enjoyed some of the band’s rougher stuff too. The demo of Lost Frontier is great! I think it’s just as good as the final version, and in a totally different way. I dunno, it’s cool to hear a band you like in that kind of raw, unvarnished way sometimes, you know? But I do feel where you’re coming from. In my own art I’m a total perfectionist myself.

        Anyway, thank you so much for deciding to put that stuff together! It’s really cool that you’re willing to do something like this for the people who love your music. I’m incredibly excited to hear this stuff!

      • It’s quite unfortunate that comments like these don’t appear on the front page – I completely missed this the last time I visited your site.
        Even though I must admit that I am most likely one of your newer fans (discovered Splashdown in late 2011), your music means a lot to me. I completely agree with Derek – the aliens-making-first-contact-with-humans description is spot on. The demos such as the one of Lost Frontier really are great. I’d been listening to Stars and Garters and Blueshift for about a half year thinking I’d heard all there possibly was to hear from you guys, but then I discovered the demos (and a few more songs) and my mind was blown. So even though they might not be up to par, it’s still amazing to hear some new material you never thought existed untill recently. Like discovering a whole new world – at least that’s how I feel about your music.
        And while the polish might be a big part of the Splashdown sound you’re still great song writers and I do believe your fans will be able ignore the fact that the mix isn’t perfect.
        Finally, thank you for the music, it has really enhanced my life.
        Greetings from Denmark!

  2. Whoa. How marvelous to get such a kind note from Denmark — I’ve been to Copenhagen, and I can understand how the country frequently tops the list of “happiest places in the world.”

    Regarding the way comment threads get buried in this site, I’m not sure how it can be fixed — only diligent souls can find their way down into nooks and crannies like where we are now. At least it separates the dilettantes from the connoisseurs, I suppose! By the way, I’m curious, how did you find us?

    The aliens will make first contact with humans soon. SETI is already seeing some unusual patterns appearing in its data. I’m pretty much finished with the restorations, and now I’m just pressure-testing everything. I feel like these two tracks fit nicely with the song canon, and I’m glad you guys pushed me back to working on them.

    On one of the songs, there’s scratch guitar recorded directly into the mixing board, without even a pre-amp, but I can’t mix it out or replace it because it’s embedded with the only existing audio of the drums and keyboards. I’m a little sad about that one, but the song itself is so good that I need to just let it go. I’m going to classify it as a “demo”.

    Anyhow, so glad you found something resonant in our noise.


    • That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to checking it out. As for the comments the current system is all right, I was bound to find it eventually, though a few months back I was afraid you had forgotten about the songs.
      I actually discovered the band by sheer luck (and of course because of the wondrous internet). I was basically just watching random videos online to kill time one night, when suddenly the chorus of Ironspy resonated on one of them (proves that even such pastime can bring something good). I decided to check out the band and thus my journey began. I’ve even been lucky enough to get my hands on a Redshift EP as well.

  3. Hello again! I am so excited to learn that those songs are progressing well. That is just going to make my decade.

    I’m also super interested in a Redshift poster! I’ll send you an email in case you’re able to ship me one. I would award it a longstanding place of extreme priviledge on my wall.

    And again, thank you so much for being so there and present for those who enjoy your music.

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