Capitol’s $30,000 (recoupable) photoshoot

Found this while going through some boxes this weekend. Hope Splashdown fans get a kick out of it.

This promo photo was intended to accompany the Blueshift album as it made its way out into the world.

It was quite an experience to go through the “LA glamour machine”, with stylists, photographers, and A&R people all piling on (and getting crazy paid from money the band hadn’t even earned yet).

6 thoughts on “Capitol’s $30,000 (recoupable) photoshoot

  1. Wow… wow. I can’t believe there’s so much money involved for something that, on the surface, should be considerably simpler. I understand the importance of image and PR and whatnot, but I can’t imagine the shoot would have gone worse had a few of Kasson’s hairs been slightly out of place.

    I hope everything was as great as you guys could’ve dreamed it would be; the Hawaii pictures Fee posted were simply gorgeous. I also hope, as always, that we will meet again soon.

  2. We were really excited about the idea of putting our stuff into RBN. Kasson asked me about this last year, and I went through my boxes of Splashdown memorabilia and found copies of the master tapes for the songs we still own the rights to. (Capitol Records owns the tapes and rights for Blueshift, so that stuff will only see daylight long after we’re all dead, maybe longer.)

    Since the old Splashdown tapes I had were in a digital format that’s rarely used anymore, I had to bring them to a studio to get them transferred, so we could separate out the individual tracks into RBN format. I was definitely thinking Halfworld would be a fun one to play! But when we put the tapes in, we found that they had degraded over the intervening decade, and there was digital noise over all the music. Unusuable. Quite frustrating, as you can imagine.

    The early Splashdown music was made in what now seems a completely different era, on a mix of analogue tape and digital equipment. This was the late 90s, when backing up a day’s session onto a blank CD-R took an entire night, during which time we slept on the studio couch. And the music itself was contained mostly on enormous Studer 2-inch reels in huge boxes, and nobody seems to know where these are now, although I’m pretty sure they’re in a Capitol vault.

    Anyhow.. that’s why no Splashdown on RBN. If we still had the means, we’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • Well, that’s the saddest thing I’ve heard today. It would have been a chance for a new group of people- a few hundred, a few thousand, whatever- to discover the band. Plus, I would’ve had new “Rock Band” songs! (I haven’t played the game in many months.) Is RBN at least going to see some new Anarchy Club?

      Speaking of Splashdown and sadness, I was listening to “Blueshift” in my car yesterday, and it occurred to me, “Wow, such a small number of people have ever heard this. I’m one of maybe a few dozen people on the planet who actually has this original album. My favorite song of all-time has never even officially been released.” That’s certainly come to mind countless times over the years, but maybe because I was driving down a long, dark road after a long day that it hit me particularly hard.

      • There is going to be new Anarchy Club music up on RBN. But it’s taking the translation-conversion company an eterrrrrrnity to get it up there. I don’t know, maybe this process always takes this long.

        To your other point about introducing new people to Splashdown, I would note that the early music is now on Spotify. And some of the shiniest songs are among that material, such as Ironspy and Halfworld. So hopefully Spotify will be a new vector for infection among the populace!

  3. Wow… Btw, about “small number of people have heard this”. Yesterday I met this band:

    and the same girl in another band:

    (btw, i’ve made this video)

    and I gave them a dvd-r with all Splashdown songs I had. I think it’s the best thing I could give them, because their music reminded me of Splashdown when I first heard them.

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