“Ancient History” is here

After an age of silence on the dream-pop front, I am tickled to announce my latest CD! It just showed up on iTunes today.

This is the beginning of my collaboration with Alice Ishbel Watson. She’s been a fantastic muse and inspiration to work with, and I consider this CD a taste of what the band will be. Cover design, as always, by Clif. Hope you enjoy.

Digital: “Ancient History” on iTunes

Physical CD: “Ancient History” on CDBaby

3 thoughts on ““Ancient History” is here

  1. As always it has been an absolute pleasure and dream come true to collaborate with you Adam.

    I’d love to go back in time and tell 17 year old me that I’d have recorded a CD with a member of Splashdown within the next 5 years. Just to watch her head explode from sheer amazement.

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