Catacomb Studios, Orlando, FL

Digging up some photos. Here’s one for Anarchy Club people: taken during the sessions for The Art Of War, this is the control room of Catacomb Studios, in Mr. Kirkpatrick’s fly-ass house. In the foreground is Mike, who manages Catacomb and is a nasty guitarist. Behind him is Ernesto Longoria, who played drums on three of the tracks on The Art Of War and utterly blew doors off. He got a quick glimpse of the songs shortly before the sessions. Then, on the day he met us, he sat down behind the kit and played each song perfectly all the way through — on the first time. Terrifying.

Then there’s me, and to the right of me is Chris, whom I never knew was actually the founder, not just a member, of N’Sync. A delightfully roguish gentleman, he introduced me to the film “Dirty Sanchez”, which I can never forgive. To his right is Sam, Catacomb engineer.

Mike, Ernesto, Adam, Chris, Sam during sessions for The Art of War

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